Conceptive Python

Conceptive Python 11.0

It is a Python distribution aimed at development of desktop applications
11.0 (See all)

The Conceptive PythonSDK is a Python distribution aimed at development and deployment of desktop applications. It includes recent builds of :

- GUI toolkits such as Qt and PyQt
- Database drivers
- Crypto and SSL modules
- Camelot

The PythonSDK facilitates the development and deployment of cross platform applications by providing the same version of all packages for both Linux and Windows, build with the native compiler of the platform.

Main Features :

- A single installer that can install in end user mode or in developer mode. The end user mode completely hides the installation of Python from the user.
- IPython and the Spyder IDE in the start menu, start developing right away when installed in developer mode.
- Recent builds of all needed packages, build with the same compiler, and optimized for speed.
- Direct access to all Python packages through the Python Package Index.

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